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About the Job


Alice in Wonderland / Jane Blonde





  • Eight years experience running summer camps in Italy, with nice reviews from (we believe) all our staff if you want to check up.

  • Ten years experience touring educational English shows for other companies all over the world. The first time running a tour under our own banner (in 2020) we made it three weeks in and then got dunked on by Covid. Now we're back to finish what we started.

  • Very very excited to be back on the road. Work hard/play hard.


  • Aged 21 or over.

  • ELIGIBLE TO WORK IN ITALY – this is a must, we're afraid. So you need to hold a valid EU passport or Italian work visa. Yeah, we hate this too.

  • Owner of, or able to get, a DBS or local equivalent.

  • Can perform in an authentic, clear, native accent of an English-speaking country.

  • Playing age in your twenties or thirties.

  • Any gender and ethnicity – skills are far more important than look for this project.

  • Driver's licence is a big bonus.

  • Good sense of humour, experienced with improv, interest in performing for children (it doesn't have to have been your lifelong dream... it kind of wasn't ours at the start but now we love it!).

  • Can sell a song and pick up choreography (both the dance-y kind and the fight-y kind).

  • Strong voice, both speaking and singing.

  • Hard working and selfless. Professional and adaptable. Interested in travel and languages. Positive.

  • Fresh in the mornings or able to fake it. Good personal hygiene. Open-minded.

  • Like the idea of helping a company grow and the possibility of coming back for more in the future.

  • Read this in full and still think we sound tolerable.


  • Tour of Italy with two plays for students learning English, aged between 6 and 18: Alice in Wonderland and Jane Blonde.

  • Arrive in Italy by Jan 16th, last show currently booked is March 23rd, though there's a possibility of a short extension if everyone's still free.

  • Two weeks rehearsing in Sicily then seven and a bit on the road covering almost the entire country, from Veneto in the North to Puglia in the South. Big cities (Verona, Naples, Rome etc.)and small villages, mountains and beaches.

  • Pizza.

  • There will be three actors on the tour, sharing responsibilities for driving, get-ins and -outs and basic tour admin.

  • One of the group will be an Italian speaker and all the performances are in English, so you don't need to know the language.

  • The shows are interactive, with five students joining the cast for each performance. Our priority is helping them to have a good experience and get a big ovation at the end.

  • You can see trailers on our website in the 'theatre' section.

  • 15 minute meet-and-greets / question and answer sessions with the audience after most shows.


  • Pay is 400€ per week, including 100€ Per Diems each week on tour.

  • An average of two performances (max three) per day. No moving venues at lunchtime

  • 30€ bonus for a three-show day.

  • All accommodation and travel to and within Italy provided (flights within Europe). Food provided during rehearsals.

  • Payment will be every 4 weeks from the time you start rehearsals. We've been there and we take punctuality and reliability on this very seriously.

  • Accommodation will be a mix of hotels and self catered. It isn't going to be the Hilton but one of us is in the touring trio so you can trust it'll be a decent standard.


There are various permutations of how we could cast this, what we really want are two flexible and talented actors who'll be a good fit within the company. But the roles are as follows:


  • Alice in Wonderland –

    • 1 actor plays the White Rabbit

    • 1 actor plays the Queen of Hearts

    • 1 actor plays Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar and, the Dodo. (No, we know. We'll explain later.)


  • Jane Blonde -

    • 1 actor plays Jane Blonde

    • 1 actor plays M and The Clockmaker

    • 1 actor plays Mr Scarymonkey



If that all sounds exciting, and you think you'd be good for our team, then please apply via Mandy Actors, or if that isn't possible, email your CV (or a link to it) to

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