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I. Introduction:


Global English Theatre (hereafter 'Global', 'us' or 'we') exists to help build bridges between people of different backgrounds. We want to create a creative, safe and inclusive environment in which an exchange of knowledge and skills is fostered. We take a personal responsibility for our work, with the close involvement in, and supervision of, all projects to which we send our employees and collaborators. Having done this same work ourselves many times, we understand the needs of our employees, respect their work and will always try to offer guidance and support when needed, and undertake to keep their workplace free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. We endeavour to be approachable and will always support our tutors/actors in any situation where they feel threatened or unsafe. In exchange we expect a very high standard of work and professionalism.



II. Recruitment & Application:


  • When creating advertising Global English Theatre will always follow our recruitment policy (which can be found on our website) when creating casting or recruitment notices.

  • We will specify to the best of our ability the exact requirements and conditions of the role.

  • We will give clear instructions and reasonable deadlines for application, and not preclude any applications submitted before that deadline from consideration.

  • If we offer a position that is contingent on certain requirements being met (obtaining a DBS check, buying flights, etc.) we will be reasonable with these deadlines and give advice and assistance as best we are able to help meet these.

III. Travel:

  • Although we cannot guarantee to cover all potential travel expenses, we will always subsidise international travel where the work requires it.

  • We will calculate this subsidy based on the cost of reasonable travel options from the anticipated general location of applicants at the time of the job being publicised, and review this as the application takes place.

  • We will only vary the allowance paid to staff doing the same work at the same time and in the same area in the event of last-minute recruitment or other unusual circumstance which would render such variation necessary to fill the position.

  • We may ask staff to book their own travel, in order to protect ourselves against late withdrawals, but we will reimburse this in their first wage payment following completion of the journey or work.

  • Travel in the day-to-day course of work with us will always be provided.

IV. Accommodation:

  • Global will always provide accommodation which is safe, clean and comfortable while staff are working for us.

  • This period includes the night before work, in the event that it is impossible to travel from home in time for the work to begin the following day.

  • Global is not liable for staff accommodation after the work has been completed.

  • We respect a right to privacy and will never ask staff to share a bed, or to share a bedroom with anyone except a colleague. Where possible we will arrange private rooms. In the very unusual event that we ask colleagues of different genders to share a room this will always be at the discretion of both or all parties.

  • We will provide a balanced diet of food and drink for the duration of the work, or expenses to cover this. We will respect dietary needs and preferences wherever we are informed of these with reasonable notice.

  • Where Global staff are provided accommodation as part of their work, they must consider themselves representatives of the company throughout the entire duration of this arrangement. We ask that staff are always respectful of, engaged with and courteous to their hosts, whether they be private individuals or the staff of any hotel or professionally-provided accommodation.

V. Host Families:

  • Where accommodation is not at a venue chosen by Global (for example, with a host family) this will always be chosen and trusted by someone known to and collaborating with us. We will communicate dietary and other health requests (environmental allergies etc.) to host families wherever we are informed of these. Of course, if a staff member would prefer any such information shared with Global be kept in confidence and informs us of this we will respect their wishes.

  • Host families will always be provided by Global with a clear explanation of their role and responsibilities to staff whom they accommodate. They will have been told that our staff will be working hard on Global projects, and will need time to rest and privacy. Families receive compensation from us and are asked never to ask our staff to work in exchange for this arrangement. If staff are asked to do so (for example, child-minding, giving formal English lessons) they should inform their line manager of this as soon as possible.

  • Global exists to build bridges between people of differing backgrounds. Both local hosts and our staff are asked to refrain from speaking about potentially divisive or inflammatory topics such as politics, religion etc.

  • If Global staff speak or are learning to speak the language of your hosts, they should understand that one of the reasons for which hosts volunteer to accommodate our staff may be to practice their English, and be sympathetic to this should the situation arise. In general we encourage both our staff and their hosts to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their language skills!

  • Global management will always explain to staff what to do in the event of any concerns about accommodation or hospitality. We will endeavour to make ourselves as easy to contact and approachable as possible with these concerns.

  • If such concerns persist Global will mediate with the assistance of our local collaborators.

  • We will always defend the right of our staff to feel safe, be clean, be well fed and get the rest that they need to do their job.

VI. Training:

  • We undertake to provide our staff with all necessary information (usually in the form of a tutor/performer/coordinator/assistant pack) before they begin work for us, with enough notice to read it and communicate any doubts or questions they may have.

  • Communicating any doubts or uncertainties about this information to us is the responsibility of the member of staff.

  • We will provide all necessary training and support beyond this information before the job begins, and explain the avenues available to staff who find themselves in difficulty during their work.

  • We will also do our best to provide some cultural orientation to the areas in which our staff will be working.

  • Staff are obliged to take note of all information provided to them during this training and apply it to their work.


VII. Health and Well-being:

  • Global has a general health and safety policy which can be found on our website and specific policies for particular projects, which will be included in pre-training packs as needed. All staff are to abide by these at all times.

  • Global is committed to providing a workplace which is free from harassment or discrimination of any kind. The representative for any concerns of this nature is Natalie Rosewood, Director (Personnel).

  • The nature of work and responsibilities at our various projects varies greatly. However, we guarantee a minimum of one half hour break during a normal working day, and will do everything possible to facilitate other breaks or downtime where possible. During some of these periods of downtime some supervision of children may be necessary, but the break will be away from this.

  • Requests to leave the premises for any reason are at the complete discretion of any staff member's line manager.

  • Absolutely no smoking (including electronic cigarettes or vaporisers) or alcohol is allowed on work premises at any time.

  • It is the responsibility of every member of staff to be clean and to smell smoke free whilst at work.



VIII. Payment:

  • Global will always offer a fair rate of pay and benefits.

  • We will reward experience with us, loyalty to the company and extra responsibility.

  • We will always make payments in full within 5 working days of the last day of work with us or on agreed paydays as stipulated within staff members' contracts.


Recruitment and staff requests:

Natalie Rosewood - email

General enquiries:
Sandy King - telephone (+39) 391 742 2889

- email

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