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About the Job


Do you:

- Love working with kids?
- Have a passion for education?

- Like a challenge?
- Have the ability to think on your feet?

 ...and to create a fun and inspiring learning environment?

- Want to experience Italian culture first hand?

- Speak English as a first language?

If so, then we want to hear from you! We are looking for lots of tutors to join us for some Summer Fun in our Italian camps in Summer 2021.


Summer Fun tutors work in one of our camps with children aged between 6 and 14, most of whom are Italian.  They deliver workshops, run games, teach songs and supervising other activities.  The aim of the camp is to inspire these children to see English as a fun and engaging subject which lives beyond the pages of their text books.

They also help their class to create their very own show - in English - which they perform to their parents at the end of the week!

Tutors take responsibility for a class of around 15 children, and work in camps which can contain up to 160.  They must be comfortable working with their class on their own and also with colleagues to run large-scale activities with the entire camp.  All of this is with support from a Camp Leader who is an experienced member of the Global staff -  and a full weekend of training is provided in Italy before work starts to ensure that they feel totally ready to do the job!


The training is a very practical and interactive guide to the work we do.  We promise that we work long and hard to make it as engaging and useful as possible for tutors of all backgrounds and levels of experience.  It will run from approximately 9.30am - 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, including some time for tutors to plan for the week, with our help.

We send all our staff a thorough 'Tutor Guide' with everything they need to know, as well as contract detailing all of their - and our - responsibilities and obbligations, well ahead of their trip to Italy.

The Camp:

Camps run Monday-Friday, from 9am - 4.30pm.  The final show will either be on Friday evening or Saturday morning, and lasts a couple of hours, including a farewell ceremony and a little party after which tutors are free to start making their way home or exploring Italy further. 


The camps are usually in a school or similar public building, with students from the local area and don't stay on site.  Tutors will need to arrive a little earlier and leave a little after the camp times, but all local transport will be provided by their hosts (see below for more on these wonderful families!).

You can find a full description of the Summer Fun camps by clicking here, and a gallery from previous years by clicking here.  We also have videos showing us in action on this page.


Tutors will need to arrive in Italy by the Friday evening before their camp starts so they can meet their colleagues and rest well to be ready to start training the next morning.  They need to organise and purchase their own in advance, but Global helps with both the logistics and cost of this (see below).

We have Camps all over Italy, from Verona in the North to Sicily in the South.  It is not possible to request a specific location, but don't worry, they are all in beautiful parts of a wonderful country with rich local culture, beautiful scenery and history... and of course incredible food!


All accommodation, food and drink is provided to all tutors throughout their time with Global.  This will be in a hotel for the training weekend, then with one of our lovely Italian host families for the rest of the week.

Pay starts from 300€ per week and rises based on tutors' experience working with us.  We will also make a contribution of around 170€ towards travel costs.  This will be paid, all together, within five days of the end of the work and usually sooner.  Payments will be by bank transfer, and at the exact rate given by the bank if this is into a UK (£) account.  The precise travel allowance will vary depending on the time and location of the indivicual camp, but will be based on the cost of the flights which we recommend.  The contribution is a fixed one, so if a tutor can find a cheaper route the difference is theirs to keep.

We have real respect for the work done by our fantastic tutors, and making sure we choose them well and help them to enjoy and benefit from their time with us are two of our highest priorities.  We are extremely proud that in the past almost 50% have returned to work with us a second time.  We are very happy to provide references and information about future opportunities on request.

You can view our full recruitment policy for this job, including a detailed list of what we look for in our tutors, by clicking here, and a complete list of all policies relating to working with Global by clicking here

If that all sounds exciting, and you think you'd be an asset to our team, then we would love you to apply below!

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